Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Signs That You Need Roof Repair for Your Home

How is your roof? If you’re reading this blog post you might be concerned about it’s condition. If you read this blog post and find that your roof has some of the problems mentioned below, then it’s time to call your local roof repair service for a roof inspection.

  • Your roof has green spots - Your roof should never be green unless you have a green tiled roof. If you see green spots on your roof you’re most likely looking at mold or algae. Neither of those are good and are a sign that your roof is water damaged. If you see green spots on your roof call your roof repairman immediately, because water damage should not be neglected. If the damage is substantial, you may need to replace your roof. If it’s small, you may only need roof repair.
  • Your roof has missing tiles or shingles - Your roof should never have missing tiles or shingles. That’s a sign that your roof may have structural damage. If you notice this, call your roof repair man to inspect your roof. Depending on the number of missing shingles or tiles, you may need to replace your roof.  
  • Your roof has curling shingles - Curling shingles are a clear sign that you need to replace your roof. That’s because shingles begin to curl when they’re deteriorating. Sooner or later, more shingles will begin to curl and your roof will be in very bad shape. Be ready to replace your roof.
  • Your roof has bald spots - If you see bald spots on your roof, you’re well beyond roof repair. You most likely need to get your roof replaced.
  • Your exterior paint is peeling - If you notice a fair amount of peeling paint on the exterior of your home, then your roof may be water damaged. Other signs of water damage include peeling wallpaper, and peeling interior paint.

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