Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Plumbing Tips for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us and that means you need to get ready your home ready for family and friends from both near and far. Now, your guests aren’t able to look at you plumbing the same they can look at your holiday centerpiece. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t prepare it for all of the visitors you’ll have. After all, if your plumbing doesn’t work it doesn’t matter how well you decorated your home. Read the tips in this blog to keep your plumbing working well throughout the entire holiday season. Be sure to use them if you don't want to have to call for plumbing repair services in the middle of your holiday dinner.

How to Keep Your Sinks and Toilet Clog Free
  • If you can keep your toilet and sinks clog free, you’ll be at an advantage during the holiday. This is because you’ll most likely need to pay your local plumber holiday pay if you need their services during the holidays.
  • Keep fat out of the drain: Do not pour cooking grease down your kitchen drain.
  • Always run water when using garbage disposal: If you want your garbage disposal to work efficiently remember to run water.
  • Not everything belongs in your garbage disposal: You should keep starchy foods and animal bones out your garbage disposal.
  • Don’t use your toilet like a garbage can: You should keep a garbage can in your bathroom, because you toilet should only be used for when nature calls and toilet paper. If you put anything else in your toilet, you’ll clog it.
  • Clean your drains - Prep your drains for the holiday by pouring a cup of vinegar and a cup of baking soda down your kitchen and bathroom drain.
  • Put a cover on it - Place a drain cover in your kitchen sink to catch food and a drain cover in your bathroom sink to catch hair. This will prevent a lot of clogs and save you time during the holidays. Who wants to deal with a clogged sink on Christmas Eve?  

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